PLADS aims to create multifunctional adventurous and recreational environments for children and adults in urban spaces. Using digital technologies such as wireless technologies, light, sound and video urban spaces are redesigned in order to create an interactive experience with the inhabitants.

Projects within PLADS are all

  1. based on art and technology,
  2. reproducible and accessible for others and
  3. including the end users.


Art and technology

PLADS intends to create radical innovation of the development of urban public spaces through art and technology. PLADS is multifunctional environments and with its physical structures and installations, for example, act as a playground for day care children in the morning to study, group work or outdoor training center for young people and adults in the afternoon and recreation area for families with movies or music in the evenings.


Reproducible modules

The goal is to develop reproducible modules that can be put together and used in several new ways in the urban space. The modules will be both physical installations, sound and lighting design, as well as interaction and play patterns. There will be two seat are equal. The whole concept is built on a modular principle, where new installations could continuously be developed and added in collaboration with creative professionals in all sorts of subjects: Contemporary Artists, musicians, VJs, DJs and much more.

SPACE is based on an open source principle in which both design and content released under open license that enables and invites to free further processing and development. The individual modules are developed so that they can be reproduced and published on a website. This makes it possible to develop and set up the modules elsewhere in Denmark and the rest of the world where there are people and urban spaces that could be in need of new installations. This enables them to merge the ideas of creating new and different open activity squares with the desire for greater dissemination and sharing of knowledge and inspiration.


User-Based Development

Technology and creativity are in focus and make the citizen to co-creator. SPACE does introduce more than just technology-based reakreative areas: SPACE is also an invitation for collaboration among citizens for co-creation and sharing of knowledge. Our vision is to enable citizens to become co-creators of their own immediate environment. The target audience is so citizens who want to engage in the development of their urban spaces in both Denmark and abroad. The installations will enable citizens to interact and work together to create: This could be, for example, text, audio or video via the built-in tools in installations, as well as bundled apps – and thus partly make their mark on SPACE, but also leave content to build on, and remixes of the next users.