Current project: Udstillingsplads

We’re currently working on developing Udstillingsplads [English: Exhibition Space], which aims to revive dead architecture areas of the city, with animated simple “mapped” shapes of light, in a curious playfull sequence, inviting the citizens to move around the place following the light.

Udstillingsplads is a user-driven exhibition area. Users design exhibitions idea proposals online, and either cue up or get votes to be the next to get to use the place. When an exhibition is going live, the user receives the designs of the space as analog slides in the mail + the code to open the space. The user can then walk to the space and replace the previous exhibition with the new. Simplified typography and easy photo implementation, ensures the exhibition is appealing and easy to understand. Users can still “break” the rules by handwriting, scanning or creating other kinds of artwork for the slides.

plads1 plads2